Pleasantview Shopping Centre


Pleasantview Shopping Center can be located at 11044 51 Ave New Suite 407, in the southside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This facility is used for various services to serve numerous needs of people in the residential neigborhood of Pleasantview, south west of Edmonton.

The Centre continues to enjoy patronage of the neighborhood with the continuing influx of new members to the community and building of newer constructions. In 2001, the federal census revealed that 46.9% of the residences in the area near the Centre were built in the 1960s while 22.3% constructed in 1970s.

Being a well-established building opposite the Southgate Center, the shopping centre also providespeople with various medical/dental services in its premises. The existing building was built in 1973 and covers 30,000 sq. ft. spread over three floors, with a typical floor size consisting 10,000 sq. ft. Suite 410 covering 410 sq. ft. started accepting renters since October 1, 2008; suite 301 with an area of 1,190 sq. ft. is designed to accommodate three (3) offices with a board room and reception/waiting area; and suite 207 with 976 sq. ft. is ready for development and includes two bathrooms and ideal for medical purposes.

Owners of business who wish to have offices in Pleasantview Shopping Centre can contact the administration offices for details.

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