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Security jobs are one of the most exciting and rewarding jobs today. With good compensation and benefits, a security job is definitely something you might want to consider if you are looking for a job. Opportunities for security jobs in Edmonton are not rare. With the many industries thriving in the city where security is top priority, applicants with experiences and backgrounds in security have a big chance at finding a rewarding security job.

Why look for security jobs in Edmonton

Aside from good compensation, a security job in Edmonton is desirable due to the limited formal training requirements and flexible hours. As such, it’s a perfect option for part-time employment.

Where to find security jobs in Edmonton

You can find postings for Edmonton security jobs online. The Internet is your best bet for landing a security job in Edmonton or anywhere in the country, as most companies now post their job vacancies on online job banks. Online applications are now preferred because they allow for speedy processing. You can also find security job postings in the classified ads of most Edmonton newspapers, as well as in the employment assistance center at the Edmonton city hall.

Requirements for a security job in Edmonton

Most employers require that a security officer has a license. This can be acquired by passing a background check and completing classroom training. Security officers are also required to undergo random drug testing. Applications for security jobs in airports and government offices require a Canadian citizenship.

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