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These past years, the public’s interest on the fur coat offerings of Edmonton has gone up. Fact is, fur is becoming one of the most popular fashion statements for both genders. Gone are the days where everybody thought that the fur coat is just for the ladies.

The new look of the fur coat in Edmonton

Today’s designers have done a makeover. They are no longer inclined to do the bulky, very heavy fur coat. Modern look should be all three: practical, romantic, and sexy.

The fur coat should have a casual “look.” Today’s fur coat is lightweight and soft, unlike the fur coat of years past which was bulky. A person would have to choose a fur coat that would embody his or her fashion statement and own style.

Latest tips about fur coats in Edmonton

The furs that are currently in demand come from coyote, seal, muskrat, raccoon, fox, mink, chincilla and beaver. Well-loved colors are the blackened hues and all whites. If you wish to get a lot of attention, then the red fur coat would be a good choice. The fur coat’s silhouette should fit tightly to the wearer’s body.

Accessories like scarves, hats, and headbands would complement the design of the fur coat.

Again, men could go for a fur coat too. But men would usually choose the classic styles like the duffle or trench coats. Still other kinds that men would wear are the parka and the pea jacket.

Vintage fur coat versus the ‘bogus’ ones

As far as the environmental issue is concerned, a genuine fur coat is far better than the fake items. It may interest you to know that fake fur synthetics contribute to pollution in the production and the disposal phases. According to some sources, one whole barrel of oil is needed to make 3 fake fur coats. All you need to do is think of the global energy crisis, and you’ll get the point.

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