Oil Rig Jobs in Edmonton


Since the oil industry is one of Edmonton’s top and most active industries, it is also among the industries offering the most number of job opportunities to skilled and qualified workers.

Oil rig jobs and other oilfield jobs can involve everything and anything that has to do with oil field operations. Oil rig jobs usually involve a vast range of tasks, including a long list of job opportunities for those who want to work in oil rigs or oilfields.

If you’re looking for oilrig jobs in Edmonton, you might as well check out job sites, job banks, and websites of oilfield or oil rig companies. You would most likely find job postings of different oilrig job opportunities. Examples of oil rig jobs include rig work laborer jobs, oilfield maintenance worker jobs, bobcat operator jobs, mechanical engineer jobs, mechanical technologist jobs, mechanic jobs, oil tanker driver jobs, and even office, administrative, or marketing jobs.

Qualifications needed for securing oil rig jobs depend on the kind of job that you’re looking for. Labourer jobs do not usually require specific educational background, though they require good physical health and working knowledge on oil rig operations. Engineering and specialist jobs require appropriate training and a degree in a relevant engineering field. Technician jobs require skills and experience.

Available employment opportunities in oil rig jobs in Edmonton can be found posted on online job sites and job banks. These job opening announcements usually come in job postings drafted by employers themselves. These postings include qualifications needed, as well contact information or instructions on how to apply.

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