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Trucking jobs are those involved in the delivery and transportation of goods from one place to another. Trucking companies usually serve as the link between consumers and manufacturers, bringing goods from producers to stores. They usually pick up, transport, and deliver goods to stores.

Trucking can be categorized into two: general freight trucking and specialized freight trucking. General freight trucking uses an over-the-road transportation scheme. In this transportation scheme, motor vehicles such as tractor trailers and trucks are used.

There are two types of general freight trucking: local and long distance. Local trucking involves transportation of goods within the same metropolitan area, while long distance trucking involves distant areas. Transportation of goods between Canada, Mexico, and the United States belong to this general freight trucking category.

Specialized freight trucking also makes use of over-the-road transportation scheme, though this type of trucking is usually used for goods requiring special equipment. Some goods require specialized trucking equipment because of their size, shape, weight, and other relevant features.

Trucking jobs can be in the form of delivery or cargo truck drivers, receivers, general laborers, logistics officers, trucking clerks, or other supervisorial trucking jobs.

Looking for Edmonton trucking jobs and other delivery jobs

The most convenient way to look for Edmonton trucking jobs is through the Internet. Check out various job sites, job banks, and company websites for postings of available trucking job opportunities. You can also proceed with the online application through these websites. Just make sure that you have a soft copy of your updated resume with you.

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