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If you’re looking for Edmonton Sun jobs, you might as well figure out what you can and want to do first. Edmonton Sun is a local newspaper under Sun Media. Edmonton Sun also has a site that features news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and business articles.

Generally, Edmonton Sun jobs usually require specific skills depending on what kind of Sun job it is. Sun jobs can be about a variety of occupations.

Examples of Edmonton Sun jobs

Aspiring journalists, writers, artists, reporters, researchers, and photographers can apply for Edmonton Sun jobs.

Advertising agents and PR specialists can also apply at Edmonton Sun for jobs that’ll require them to attract sponsors and advertisers for the local newspapers.

If you have the educational background and experience, you can apply for Edmonton Sun jobs at the upper corporate level.

Aside from writing skills, strong interest in your chosen field of journalism is essential.

How to find Edmonton Sun jobs

Edmonton Sun job opportunities can be found in print advertisements such as classified ads, TV and radio announcements, posters and fliers, as well as in online advertisements. Edmonton Sun job opportunities can also be found in Edmonton job sites and other Canada job sites. Just search using the keyword of the kind of job you’re looking for and all job postings related to your search shall be arrayed in front of you. And of course, you can always check out the official site of Edmonton Sun for the latest job postings.

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