Edmonton Summer Jobs


Aside from fun and relaxation, summer in Edmonton, Canada is also an ideal time to get temporary employment and earn extra money. With summer jobs available to students and other people seeking temporary jobs, summer can also be a great money-making opportunity.

Types of Edmonton summer jobs

Summer jobs in Edmonton come in many different types. Summer jobs usually come in various fields, level of expertise, specialization, duration of work, difficulty of duties, and many other factors. Because of this diversity in types of Edmonton summer jobs, students can enjoy a wide array of summer jobs and student jobs to choose from.

The most common student jobs are those in the fields of business, retail, customer service, hospitality, construction, administration, sales, warehouse, information technology (IT), and marketing. During summer, one can become a business apprentice, acustomer service representative, an intern in any company, a marketing assistant or officer, a retail assistant, a store assistant, a sales personnel or sales representative, an administrative assistant, an office clerk, a construction worker, a data encoder, a typist, a writer, a payroll clerk, a messenger, a hotel receptionist, a hotel maintenance personnel, a waiter or waitress, a cashier, a bar tender, or a shipping clerk, to name a few.

Benefits of having a summer job

For students, since classes are out, summer is a great opportunity to earn money for the next school term. Aside from money-making, getting a summer job is also a good way to accumulate working experience for future employment.

Where to find summer jobs

The Internet is the easiest and fastest way to look for available summer jobs. There are several job sites featuring available employment opportunities in Edmonton and in other parts of Canada.

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