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There are several Edmonton job sites and Canadian job sites that job hunters can check out when scouting for jobs. Each has its own design, style, and features. However, these job sites usually have general features that job-hunting browsers would typically find in most Edmonton sites. Here are some of these features that you can use to make your job hunting faster, easier, and more convenient.

1. Job postings in most Canada job sites are usually categorized. Usually, they are archived according to fields or job types. Among the most common career categories in this job archiving system are accounting, administrative, public relations and advertising, aviation and aeronautics, food, agriculture, architecture, landscape, automotive, banking and finance, customer service, government and civil service, media and journalism, education, engineering, environment and waste management, geology, health and medicine, IT, human resources, security and law enforcement, law, sales and marketing, publishing, social sciences, and tourism.

Job postings can also be categorized by level of expertise or by geographical location. Some Edmonton job sites facilitate job searches in more than one archiving system.

2. Job sites usually allow for automatic job applications. These job sites would either provide application instructions or allow users to create their account on the site that they can use when applying.

3. Some Edmonton job sites provide articles on job searching, including tips and guides in job hunting. You can find articles on job interviews, perking up your resume, power dressing, and other job-hunting topics.

4. Job sites usually have drop-down dialog boxes to facilitate easy job searches.

5. Job sites serve not only those who are looking for jobs, but also those looking for employees.

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