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Chef jobs and other cooking jobs are those that deal with the preparation, cooking, seasoning, arrangement, and presentation of foods, be it main dishes, salads, side dishes, soups, snacks, desserts, entrees, or even drinks.

The responsibilities of people who are into these types of jobs revolve around food from creating recipes, preparing meals, and peeling and cutting vegetables and other ingredients to directing other kitchen workers, ordering food preparation needs, and estimating food needs and requirements.

Chef jobs include food preparation workers and other kitchen workers, chefs, executive chefs, head cooks, chef de cuisine, sous chefs, institution cooks, cafeteria cooks, restaurant cooks, short order cooks, fast food cooks, and private household cooks or personal chefs.

Chef and Cooking Education, Training, and other Qualifications

For food preparation workers, short order cooks, and fast food cooks, training while on the job is usually enough. However, to be able to become a chef or to secure higher cooking position, formal education and training in a cooking school is required.

Entry level chef jobs usually do not require educational training, but those who are aiming for higher chef positions must at least have a high school diploma. One must be skilled in cooking to qualify for chef and other cooking jobs. Knowledge and training in sanitation, food handling, and food preparation are also needed.

Edmonton chef jobs can be found in online job sites. You can also check out websites of hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, bars, resorts, and other institutions such as schools, offices, organizations and hospitals. Those establishments usually hire chefs or cooks.

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