Edmonton Call Center Jobs


Most of Edmonton call center job openings are usually those involved in call center recruitment and those for call center representatives. Call center human resource or recruitment agents are those who are in charge of call center manpower, hiring applicants, and making sure that the call center company gets skillful employees. They also ensure that employees stay and continue to grow as workers.

Call center representative jobs are usually classified into three main functions: customer service, bill and account collection, and sales. If you intend to work as a call center representative, you can be assigned in any of these three functions.

If you’re a call center representative, your main duty is to take calls and deal with clients and customers on the phone. Customer service representatives deal with customers’ inquiries, concerns, problems, and other issues concerning customers and clients. They are usually required to familiarize themselves with the technical aspects and other information about the company for whom they serve as customer service representatives. Customers usually call the customer service line to ask for information or raise their complaints and other concerns. The job of the customer service representative is to keep the customer calm and provide relevant information that the customer needs. Relevant information can usually be found on the computer database that the customer representative is using.

Other call center representatives are tasked to call the company’s debtors and either remind them of the upcoming payment due or get them to pay their debt to the company. Other call center agents, however, are tasked to call people and offer the company’s products over the phone.

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