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Jobs in the city of Edmonton are numerous and easy to find. Simply go online and visit various job banks where you can find job postings for Edmonton city jobs, or you can head to the City Hall and look for job postings there. Your search for a job, whether you are looking for part time or full time jobs in any industry in Edmonton can be done with the help of the city’ employment assistance center located in the City Hall.

Edmonton job opportunities

A majority of the city jobs in Edmonton comprise of oil refining and oil drilling and construction, as the city is considered to be the oil capital of Canada. The subsequent success in the oil industry resulted in a real estate boom that require the skills of construction workers from all over Canada. Other opportunities in commerce and entertainment also abound since the city is the center for shopping and entertainment of Alberta.

With a thriving hospitality and tourism industry, job seekers in these sectors can easily find jobs in hotels, restaurants, and other sectors in tourism. The aviation and transport industries are also fertile grounds for a job search for those with qualifications in these industries, considering that the city is an aviation and transportation center in Alberta.

If you have qualifications in the health sector health-related jobs also abound in the city. The city has an excellent medical system, which is considered one of the best in Canada. Edmonton has one of the highest rates of heart and kidney transplants in the country. Millwright Jobs Edmonton

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