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As the city prospers economically and population booms as a result of immigrant and local employees making their homes in Edmonton, the education system needs an upgrade not only in its facilities, but also in the workforce. These paved the way for job opportunities in the various levels of the academe.

Primary schooling

Teaching posts in primary schools are available for those qualified to teach certain subject matters. ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers are highly needed to instruct children whose first language is not English. Special needs is also an area of specialization where job opportunities can be found. Many qualified personnel can take advantage of the vacancies in the education system, not only to earn but also to help guide young minds toward the proper education.

High School

Subjects that are considered areas of need in secondary education such as Math, Physics, and Chemistry open up opportunities for qualified teachers. Teachers qualified for instructing special needs students in the secondary school level are also in demand.

ESL for immigrants

Private and public schools both have a need to fill many teaching positions to cater to the linguistics needs of students who are not natural English-speakers. One can also be employed in a teaching job that instructs older students. There are many English as a Second Language organizations that offer English language lessons to immigrants. Though many immigrants have a rudimentary knowledge of English, courses on English that can be used for business transactions can also be offered. Those interested in teaching positions in ESL organizations must have certifications and accreditations to be able to practice teaching.

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