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As the city of Edmonton continually expands its economy due to the influx of various industries, more people are needed to keep these businesses up and running. One of the more established industries in Edmonton nowadays is the field of advanced manufacturing, responsible products ranging from heavy equipment to tiny computer chips. Despite providing employment opportunities to a lot of Edmontonians, the manufacturing industry is the niche where millwright workers can flourish.

Millwright workers or mechanics are experts in the assembly and formation of equipment. Depending on the type of industry one is employed in, millwrights assemble the equipment needed based on schematics and blueprints. Some assembly may require the use of heavy machinery such as forklifts, cranes, and other powertools. Millwright should be able to read and comprehend flowcharts, blue prints, and industrial drawings or plans of the equipment or machinery that they will assemble or install. Millwrights also work closely with civil and electrical engineers in the installation of certain machinery. In some cases, millwrights perform the installation of a certain machinery required in high places; the ability to work under pressure and without fear of heights must be exhibited.

Other than assembling machineries, millwrights also must be able to disassemble these equipment efficiently. With the use of hand and powertools, millwrights also make way for upgrades or replacements.

Millwrights often gain experience and expertise in apprenticeship stints and some classroom learning. Millwrighting programs can take two up to four years. Other than assembling and dismantling machineries, experienced millwrights can also teach and conduct seminars as training programs for potential millwrights.

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