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Healthcare professionals have long made their fortunes and homes in Canada. Hospitals and medical institutions are in need of medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners so that excellent medical services and attention can be given to patients. Other than medical institutions, people who are equipped with the knowledge and experience in handling medical health and safety concerns can also make it in other industries requiring their services. Edmonton City plays host to different industries and businesses as it continues to grow economically. Each industry, however, poses occupational risks to its employees. To promote employee well-being, companies consult with health and safety experts to implement occupational health and safety procedures.

Health and safety adviser

A health and safety adviser can either be directly employed by a company or be hired from an agency that specializes in occupational health, safety, and security. As consultants, health and safety advisers deal with employers and local authorities in formulating and implementing certain health and safety precautions for a company.

Health and safety administrator

Some companies hire their own team of health professionals to attend to the needs of their employees. As a health and safety administrator, you make sure that health and safety standards are practiced. Maintaining a healthy working environment for the employees assures the company of improved output and compliance with local laws as well.

Occupational health nurse

Medical nurses can be outsourced by health and safety agencies or hospitals to serve as in-house nurses of companies. Not only do they apply first aid treatment to employees if needed, but also help administrators and advisers on assessing and formulating the occupational safety guidelines for the company.

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