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Edmonton first bore witness to the fur trade that attracted the first 150 settlers to stay in the area during the late 1700s. After a few more years, the town’s population swelled as the Gold Rush days attracted many to take the “All-Canadian Way,” a route that passes through Edmonton. The 1940s further cemented the city’s reputation to be an industrial leader when Edmonton was dubbed as the Oil Capital of Canada. Now, Edmonton City is considered as a source of employment opportunities due to the different businesses and industries found in the city.

Currently, Edmonton plays host to different industries that are initially aimed at driving the city toward economic boom. Each industry, in turn, has provided employment opportunities for Edmontonians and immigrants from nearby provinces and even foreign countries.

Jobs in the Bio-Medicine and Biotechnology

Healthcare professionals have found haven in Edmonton in the early years of its ascent to economic stability. Now, the need for further developments in the life sciences makes it necessary to employ more individuals. Those who have qualifications to undertake research and development in the field of life sciences may find opportunities in Edmonton.

Jobs in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Edmonton also has room for individuals who may become part of the construction industry. A booming economy makes way for infrastructure and road developments to be accomplished in the city. Many positions, from architects down to construction workers, are now in demand.

Jobs in the Information and Communication Technology

This industry makes way for people who are highly-skilled in IT to make use of their potentials. Career advancement is underway for those who have the technical skills and knowledge this line of work requires.

Jobs in the Advanced Manufacturing

A number of advanced manufacturing companies also have their plants and offices in Edmonton, providing employment to people of various qualifications. This industry is one of the early businesses to set up shops in Edmonton, which brings in a lot of profit.

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