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Edmonton is the new frontier for jobseekers waiting to get into the various industries in the city. Aside from providing lower costs of living, the city of Edmonton also knows how to take care of its residents. Though job opportunities abound in this city, you might still encounter that period of difficulty in securing a job. To help make ends meet while you are currently unemployed, the Canadian government issues employment insurance (EI) to people.

Eligibility for employment insurance

Aside from people who are looking for a new job, others can also avail of the benefits of employment insurance. The employment insurance is basically a stipend that you get while you are unemployed at the moment. You are given an EI if you are unemployed and looking for better job opportunities. An EI can also be given to pregnant women who have applied for maternity leave during the latter stage of their pregnancy up to the time when they are ready to return to work. Employment insurance benefits also apply to people who are sick and have applied for unpaid leaves of absence to recuperate.

You can get your EI benefit if you applied for it, paid for it during your employment for a period of time, or have been unemployed for at least seven days. The duration and amount you get from the employment insurance would depend on the time period and plan you have paid for. The premium for employment insurance is usually deducted from your monthly salary by the employer.

To avail of your EI benefits, proceed to the EI office in Alberta with a certification from your previous employer stating the payments made, the duration of your stay in the company, and your reason for leaving the position.

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