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Administrative positions are also one of the more popular jobs that can be found in Edmonton. People performing administrative jobs form the backbone of any company as bookkeeping, organization, and even filing of documents can have certain implications on how a business would fare. Administrative jobs are easy to get into so long as you’re qualified. Qualifications are usually based on the nature of the industry.

All of the active industries in Edmonton require administrative personnel to keep business smoothly flowing. Each company has different departments that employ various people to perform certain tasks.

Admin job duties

People employed in administrative jobs do much of the paperwork in the different offices and departments. Admin assistants organize, file, and categorize most of the documents and necessary papers in the industry for easy storage and retrieval. Office assistants also take calls and queries as well as take charge of the logistics of a company.

Some administrative positions also entail doing much of the legwork in a company. Administrative assistants can be sent outside to pick up and deliver certain items that their superiors need. The maintenance of some office equipment can also be done by administrative support assistants. Administrative positions can also be found in accounting and treasury departments where they deal with spreadsheets and computations under the guidance of their supervisors. Executive assistants also perform administrative jobs, dealing with tasks such as organizing the schedules and paperwork of their bosses. As businesses continue to build up in Edmonton, more opportunities in the administrative sector are made available for job seekers.

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