Things to Do in Edmonton


Edmonton may seem to be blanketed by perpetual snow throughout the year, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying what this city can offer.

West Edmonton Mall

Though shopping may be considered as second nature for some, the infamous West Edmonton Mall can literally wow you with a brand new experience. This mall has been recognized as the largest shopping mall in the whole world, which houses up to 800 stores and can accommodate up to 20,000 vehicles for parking. West Edmonton Mall is also an entertainment center that offers various forms of recreations to visitors. The mall houses major attractions within its walls such as the largest indoor waterpark in North America, an indoor theme park by the name of Galaxyland, an indoor NFL-sized ice rink, an 18-hole miniature golf park, and an indoor saltwater lake that houses three sea lions. So who would says that it could be just another boring trip to the mall?


Edmonton city is also known as the Festival City due to the frequent occurrences of events throughout the year. Edmontonians love to host events and festivals of different types, ranging from celebrations of jazz, art, food, and even trees. Though Edmonton is considered as one of the technological frontiers of Canada, the appreciation of the arts and humanities make its inhabitants well-rounded individuals.


Why not take advantage of what makes Edmonton (and the rest of Canada) popular? Skiing is also offered in Edmonton mostly in the winter season. The river valley becomes a spectacular skiing paradise as one can zip in Gold Bar Park, the Snow Valley, and other great skiing destinations.

Night Life

Downtown Edmonton is dotted with different clubs and restaurants that offer sumptuous dishes and sizzling hot nightlife. If neon and strobe lights are not your cup of tea, you can just look up into the clear night sky to watch nature host a rave party with the Aurora Borealis.

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