Statistics on Edmonton


More than a million individuals are registered to be residing in all municipalities, suburbs, counties, nooks, and crannies within Edmonton, with 7542,514 of these individuals residing in and around the city proper.

By ethnicity

By race, whites comprised 71.8% of the population, with many of these being immigrants also of European background. Italians, English, German, Irish, Ukrainian, and, of course, French were just some of the European nationalities in the city of Edmonton.

About 22.9% of Edmontonians are of the visible minority sector, which comprise immigrants from Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. The Chinese fare largely in making up the Asian sector, with about 45,305 individuals being of Chinese origin. South Asians come in second with 38,225, while Filipinos make up 18,245. Around twenty thousand blacks make up the visible minorities, while Latins and Arabs comprise a significant part of this minority as well. The remaining 5.3% are of Aboriginal ancestry, coming from the early Indian tribes such as the Cree and Blackfoot Indians who were the original inhabitants of the land.

Population boom

More and more foreigners are coming to Canada as the country continuously develops and expands its business sector. Edmonton alone became a hub for business and industry as early as the 1800s due to the fur trade initiated by the Hudson’s Bay Company. In the early 1900’s, Edmonton businesses and industries also flourished due to the Gold Rush. Oil sanding and tapping into the region’s natural oil reserves in the mid 1900’s made Edmonton the Oil Capital of Canada. These surges in the industrial development of the country gave rise to the settlement of various immigrants . Edmonton’s population has definitely ballooned from the frontier years’ first 150 settlers, thanks to the various industries that continue to develop.

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