Map of Edmonton


The city of Edmonton can be found at the heart of the Canadian province of Alberta. The North Saskatchewan River runs though it, providing fertile land that bore witness to Edmonton’s developing industries. Located at 53° 33′ N, 113° 28′ W, Edmonton is surrounded by neighboring counties such as Leduc on the south, the Specialized Municipality of Strathcona on the east, Sturgeon on the north, Parkland on the west, and a portion of Lamont on the northeast.

Geography of Edmonton

The city of Edmonton is fairly flat, giving way to gently rolling hills. It is also slightly elevated, lending a spectacular view of the ravines and river valleys such as the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The city is conveniently located in what is called aspen parklands, which paved the way for human development and oil mining in the early part of the century. The parklands of Edmonton are also worth mentioning, as the longest stretch of urban connected parklands in North America. Its location is 22 times greater in size than New York City’s Central Park.

Though oil mines are also found in various locations in Alberta, Leduc, a county south of Edmonton, also housed oil reserves. Due to the city’s close proximity to Leduc, Edmonton became “Canada’s Capital of Oil” in the 1940’s.

Downtown Edmonton

Though the city of Calgary is considered as Alberta’s largest city, the city of Edmonton boasts of a larger population that courses through the many municipalities and avenues in the district. Neighborhoods and districts that house large numbers of inhabitants are all within the scope of Edmonton. One neighborhood, Mill Woods, can be named the third largest city of Alberta if only it was separate from Edmonton, boasting a population of about 100,000. Downtown Edmonton consists of six main hubs namely the Commercial Core, the Arts District, Rice Howard Way Pedestrian Mall, MacKay Avenue, Jasper-West, the Warehouse District, and the Government Precinct.

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