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The city of Edmonton is witness to the rise and fall of many industrial eras in the few hundred years of its existence. Currently, Edmonton plays host to various technological industries that are providing employment to many Edmontonians and immigrants from other provinces and countries. The city is full of life and vigor with many tourist locations that are found in the area.


Edmonton isn’t called a “Festival City” for nothing. Edmonton City has been hosting fairs, events, and festivals since the early days in 1879, beginning with a celebration that commemorated the Gold Rush era. Festivals celebrating food, the arts, the sciences, and other subjects are held year round, drawing not only the local Edmontonians but also participants from other places as well.


Edmonton’s location also makes it an ideal place that’s always just a few minutes away from what can be called nature. In the early days, settlers built what would become the city of Edmonton on the edges of the prairies or aspen parklands. Fertile soil proved to be very useful in erecting farms, as North Saskatchewan River served as the source of water supply. Fortunately, the city and its municipalities, neighborhoods, and districts have been built around this natural reserve. Currently, Edmonton parklands is the largest urban connected parkland in North America, 22 times larger than New York City’s Central Park. Nature, fresh air, an occasional boat ride, or a tee off in the golf course can be enjoyed even while in the heart of the city.

Winter wonderland

Though people joke about the snow and Canada since time immemorial, the perpetual winters of this country is actually one of its strongest points. Snow is experienced almost every month (except in July) in Edmonton. It’s during the winter season when snow and ice can be fun and nice. Cross-country skiing is also one of the fun activities to do in Edmonton, as the sprawling river valley transforms into a snow-blanketed paradise in winter.

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