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Alberta’s capital city,Edmonton, has its own public transit system. Appropriately named Edmonton Transit System, the local transit operates the various bus and light rail systems within the city. Edmonton Transit System also has operations in Fort Saskatchewan and Namao’s Edmonton Garrison. The transit system also offers connections to suburban transit services operated by the County of Strathcona and City of St. Albert.

The transit system currently operates 49 zero emission electric trolley buses. Low floor types of buses comprise the majority of Edmonton Transit’s buses. Edmonton Transit also has the 40-foot New Flyer D40LF and the 60-foot D60LF tandem buses models. This local transit also operates based on a timed-transfer system. To provide passengers with utmost convenience, most of the routes of Edmonton Transit also offer express services to and from the city centre during rush hours.

All of the Edmonton Transit System’s bus and Light Railway Transit services are terminated at 1:30 am on weekdays. On weekends, services are cut off at midnight. The evident need of passengers for late night services, however, has pushed the Edmonton Transit System to extend its service hours. As of date, reports say that the Edmonton Transit System will start their 24-hour service on the early months of 2009.

The Edmonton Transit System offers reasonable rates. The transit also gives senior citizen discounts. Students also have such privilege. Edmonton Transit system partnered with Grant McEwan College and University of Alberta to provide students with a Universal Transmit Pass. Popularly called U-Pass, this ticketing system allows students unlimited access to the buses and LRTs operated by Edmonton Transit System.

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