Edmonton Municipal Airport


Edmonton Municipal Airport is the old name of the Edmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport. This Edmonton air passenger and cargo facility was renamed to commemorate the city’s former mayor Kenneth Alexander Blatchford. Today, the Edmonton City Centre Airport is considered to be one of the most established and fastest-growing air service facilities in the capital city of Alberta.

Location of the Edmonton City Centre

The Edmonton City Centre is bordered by the city’s notable areas and institutions. Yellowhead Trail and Kingsway avenue lie on the north and west side of the airport. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology also borders the airport on the east.

Travelers who want to get a taste of the local Edmonton culture and attraction should take advantage of the airport’s convenient location. The Edmonton City Centre Airport is just minutes away from downtown Edmonton. The airport is also conveniently located near major shopping and dining sites. As a matter of fact, Kingsway Garden Mall is just stones throw’s away from the airport.

Amenities and Services available at Edmonton City Centre

Edmonton City Centre Airport also houses the Alberta Aviation Museum. Travelers may choose to dine at on-site cafeterias and food shops. The airport also has two hotels for guests to choose from.

Aside from the airport’s 24-hour service features, flight planning facilities are also available at Edmonton City Centre Airport premises. Travelers can also get the services of the airport’s executive charter. Flight schools are coveniently located within the Edmonton City Centre Airport’s vicinity.

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