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The Light Rail System, popularly called LRT, is a type of urban rail public transportation. Various nations are promoting the use of the light rail transit for its safety and convenience.

The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton, also has its own light rail transit. In fact, Edmonton was the first North American City that has built its own modern light rail system.

Edmonton LRT Route

The Edmonton Light Rail Transit is operated by the city-owned Edmonton Transit System. To date, the Edmonton LRT spans a 12.9 kilometee route that starts from the northeastern suburbs of the city and ends at the University of Alberta Hospital. There is also an undergoing expansion in the southern extension of the Edmonton LRT.

The Edmonton LRT has a total of 11 stations (Clareview, Belvedere, Coliseum, Stadium, Churchill, Central, Bay, Corona, Grandin-Government Centre, University, and Health Sciences) . Churchill, Central Bay, Corona, Grandin and University stations are all located underground.

Edmonton LRT expansion

Due to the daily flock of passengers to Edmonton LRT, project proposals regarding the expansion of the LRT system has already been made.

The proposal for the expansion on the Southern part of the Edmonton LRT system was approved. The construction of the 10 kilometer expansion is currently underway. The southern part of the Edmonton LRT will house additional stations in McKernan or Belgravia, Southgate, South Campus,and Century Park. Meanwhile, project proposals for the expansion of the north, northeastern, and western part of the Edmonton LRT are still in the consideration stage.

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