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What exactly is an Edmonton server colocation? It is a good choice for small businesses who want the advantages of a good website but do not want (or do not have the funds) to pay for bandwidth. These businesses who opt for server colococation still shell out money, of course, to pay rental costs.

How a server colocation runs

In a server colocation, a firm would store all crucial data to a server, then it would physically bring this server to a different place. That place would be the main center of the server colocation providing entity. The latter would would install the server into its system.

Thus, the company with server colocation is in effect sharing the bandwidth with the server colocation providing entity. Also, renting a server from this provider is possible. When the server has been installed, the client would get an IP address.

When a lot of density-high files get downloaded from the site, the bandwidth would go up drastically. The beauty of it is is that the client would not pay for such bandwidth. All things considered, expenses would be smaller if one avails of the services of an Edmonton server colocation provider.

Edmonton colocation entities do earn money from this setup. After all, it is still a business. They get your payments by hosting a great number of servers.

Advantages of using server colocation services

Server colocation providers are well-versed in dealing with technical problems, such as power outages. Colocation firms have generators, which assure the continuity of service in case of power interruptions.

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