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If you are an Edmonton Wildcats fan or someone who has not seen any of their games, better get yourself tickets before the game season gets to end. Who knows that Wildcats might be off to to the championships? So clear up your Saturdays and cheer for the Wildcats as they beat their rivals.

Edmonton Wildcats were formerly known as Edmonton Maple Leafs. They are a football team founded in 1948. Today, Edmonton Wildcats is headed by coach Gary Durchik. The team has participated in the Canadian Bowl several times since 1951 and still struggles to get into the championship games this season.

Fast facts about Edmonton Wildcats

The team represents Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have the Commonwealth Stadium as its home field. The official colors of the Edmonton Wildcats is white and navy blue, although the team’s colors used to be gold and green. Edmonton Wildcats is part of the Canadian Junior Football League. It is also in the division of the Prairie Football Conference.

The latest with Edmonton Wildcats

The team’s online store has just opened so you can now order Wildcats merchandise from the official website. Some merchandise being sold in the Wildcats’ website are hoody jackets, sports bags, backpacks, and knapsacks, which bear the official logo. You can order these items by clicking on their images and pay for them through credit card charges.

Tickets to see Edmonton Wildcats play

You can purchase tickets from the team’s official website. Contact the ticket office and reserve seats in advance.

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