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Edmonton Rush is one of the youngest lacrosse teams in the National Lacrosse League. The team currently has Bob Hamley as its head coach and general manager. The team is struggling to make a name in the lacrosse sports community. Chris McKay and Andrew Biers just signed a two-year contract with Edmonton Rush September of this year.

About Edmonton Rush

The team is owned by businessman Bruce Urban who is also a Calgary resident. He formed the team by buying the Ottawa Rebel, another lacrosse team. The Edmonton Rush was initially called the Edmonton Speed. Its name, however, was changed to Rush on the 9th of June 2005.

The team’s first game was played in the year 2006. Their home games take place in Rexall Place, a covered arena in Alberta. The Rexall Place is also used by other sport teams such as the hockey Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Oil Kings for competitions.

How did the Edmonton Rush fare during its first games?

In 2006, under head coach Paul Day, the team won one out of 16 games and missed the playoffs. The following year, still under Day as head coach, the performance of the Edmonton Rush improved as they won six out of 16. In 2008, however, the team’s yearly stats again fell with only four recorded winnings. Because the team is relatively new, it is expected to perform better in the following years.

Where can you get tickets to see the team play in 2009?

To see the Edmonton Rush play live, visit the team’s official website or contact the ticket hotline. Tickets will be released prior to the game dates and can be purchased individually, for groups, or as packs.

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