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Professional hockey teams also gain popularity through their official logos. Logos are the visual identifications of professional teams, which allow a quick recognition even from afar. Often representing companies that run the teams, logos also show the product and colors of the owning entities. Like the other hockey teams’ logos, the Edmonton Oilers logo bears a certain significance.

The primary Edmonton Oilers logos

The team used to have two primary logos used on their jerseys. From 1975 to 1979, the home jerseys of the Oilers had a logo of navy blue and orange in-circle background. For the away jerseys, the Oilers logo is dominantly orange with only the drop of oil in navy blue.

Today, the Oilers logo incorporates other colors, particularly red and copper. The logo is used on both home and away jerseys, with just the shirt color changing to white or navy blue.

Alternate Edmonton Oilers logos

A famous alternate logo used by the Oilers in 1996 to 2000 has an image of an oil company worker. Instead of holding on to a machine lever, the worker is holding on to a hockey stick. The alternate logo also has a variation wherein the name of the team appears over the worker’s image.

Later designs of alternate logos are being used since 2001. They are mostly of navy blue, silver, and white colors and still have the drop of oil as the distinguishing image. The drop of oil represents one of Alberta’s greater resources after the Second World War.

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