Edmonton Oilers History


Today, being part of Edmonton Oilers is prestige in itself. The team already reached its greatest years and is still working for the highest titles in the sports arena. But how did the Edmonton Oilers begin? The famous hockey team traces its beginnings in a common local winter sport.

Prior to the Edmonton Oilers’ formation

Many years before Alberta became a province in 1905, people in many nearby cities were already engaged in hockey as a community pastime. During winter, hockey enthusiasts gather in frozen rivers and natural skating areas to play the game. Only the folks in Edmonton and Calgary had soccer and cricket as the more favored sports, but eventually, Edmontonians and Calgarians became hockey fans.

The game became an exclusive winter sport when people from various cultures migrated to Canada. Only the British aristocrats participated in the sport until more Albertans joined the games.

The province survived the Second World War and the Great Depression. As oil slowly became one of Alberta’s greatest natural resources and economic foundations, the newly formed minor professional hockey teams incorporated oil into their names. One example of a minor professional hockey team is the Edmonton Oil Kings.

The birth of a team

It was the World Hockey Association (WHA) that paved the way for the formation of Edmonton Oilers. In 1972, the team was founded as one of the WHA franchises. Like other new teams, Edmonton Oilers experienced hard early years. The team struggled to make a name and became successful in its attempt by 1984. The team won the Stanley Cup several times, earning a “dynasty” status in the sports league.

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