Edmonton Minor Soccer Association


Even young soccer enthusiasts, both male and female, can play the sport the way adult professionals do. Through the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA), not only do young players enjoy soccer, but parents can also help their children foster a sportsman character, attitude, and spirit. Minors can participate in soccer clubs in their town and engage in major competitions against other EMSA clubs.

The Edmonton Minor Soccer Association is an independent organization that promotes soccer to young players in a more organized and professional set-up. Via the Alberta Soccer Association, the EMSA is affiliated with the Canadian Soccer Association. EMSA manages activities for various Edmonton soccer clubs formed by schools, town communities, and groups of individuals.

Joining EMSA

Some of the EMSA provisions for participants are a unified minor soccer community and ongoing soccer activities. The EMSA also assures that young players will have greater knowledge and experience of both indoor and outdoor soccer because coaches and referees are required to meet high sport management standards. Soccer coaches, referees, and other individuals seeking related occupations can expect to find good employment opportunities in EMSA.

Why your soccer club should be part of the EMSA

The EMSA offers members the chance to hone their skills in soccer by participating in inter-club competitions. The competitions allow club members to be recognized in world minor soccer activities and use the clubs as a training for higher-level soccer leagues. Clubs that make it to the championships get to travel for free and win amazing prizes.

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