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Are your kids showing signs that they are into sports? Or, do you want your kids to be more active and healthy at an early age? Let them join a minor hockey team so they can have a regular form of exercise. If you are in Edmonton or are planning to move to the city, you can get your kids to join Edmonton minor hockey leagues.

Edmonton minor hockey is any or all of the leagues, teams, or associations that promote hockey for young people. In each Edmonton town, there are one or two minor hockey teams, which may compete with other local teams or teams other parts of Alberta from time to time. Minor hockey associations also organize championship competitions where various minor hockey teams in Edmonton can join.

Participating in a minor hockey league

You can get your children to join a minor hockey league by simply calling up local teams’ coaches. Coaches usually have their contact numbers posted in community halls and sports centers. They can train your kids to play hockey and further develop sports skills. You can also contact a representative of the Edmonton Minor Hockey Association to find out which team your kids can be part of.

Advantages of joining Edmonton minor hockey leagues

One advantage is your kids can interact with other young people interested in hockey. Your children can have a larger set of friends and have a healthier social life. In addition, playing minor hockey is a way for your children to have an active lifestyle.

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