Edmonton Grand Prix


Fans can now experience and participate in professional racing events instead of merely watching their idols drive by race courses. When they help in the Edmonton Grand Prix preparations, fans are considered part of the event. Edmonton Grand Prix makes racing a wholesome family and community affair.

What is Edmonton Grand Prix?

Edmonton Grand Prix is a racing event in Edmonton, Alberta. Mostly Edmonton residents volunteer to organize and prepare for the event that is usually held during the month of July. Since 2005, the West Edmonton Mall Grand Prix is featured on television and broadcast in nearly 200 countries.

Professional racers join this Champ Car World Series event. In 2005, Driver Sebastian Bourdais used a Ford-Cosworth vehicle and was recognized as a champion. Then in 2006, Driver Justin Wilson also drove a Ford-Cosworth vehicle and took the title from Bourdais. He, however, regained his title in 2007, driving a Cosworth.

Edmonton Grand Prix was changed in 2008 to Edmonton Indy, a premier series of the Indy Racing League. For this event, it was Driver Scott Dixon who won the title as champion. Dixon drove a Honda during the race.

Why should you participate in the Edmonton Grand Prix?

One of the advantages in joining the Edmonton Grand Prix is the experience of working behind-the-scenes. Edmonton Grand Prix is a big and well-known event, and being a participating volunteer is a prestige in itself. Also, you can win any of the wonderful prizes in the exclusive participants’ raffle when you work as a volunteer. Winners can enjoy travel packages, tickets to watch various Edmonton sports, and brand new vehicles. Visit the official website now and be part of this event.

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