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Golf is very relaxing and engaging sports activity, which explains why many people are hooked to playing it. Beginners even spend much just to play golf during weekends, learn how to play like a pro, or just relieve stress. In Edmonton, enthusiasts enjoy more of this sport through organized golf activities. Edmonton golfers can also join golf associations and enjoy exclusive golf course amenities as members.

Where to play golf in Edmonton

Golfers, whether beginners or experts, can play the sport in any Edmonton golf course. Some golf courses are strictly for beginners, allowing them to play mostly short games. Beginners’ golf courses help improve playing techniques and let golfers learn at their own pace. Advanced golfers, on the other hand, can use any of the large golf courses in Edmonton. These golfers can try playing longer games for a more challenging practice.

Golf tournaments in Edmonton

Occasionally, there are golf tournaments held in Edmonton’s golf courses. The Edmonton Golf Association, for example, organizes tournaments for both beginners and advanced male and female golfers. The Association promotes community interest in golf and enable professional and fun golf activities.

Why join a golf association

You should join a golf association as this promotes the sport. The efforts of the association’s board of directors enable healthy competition among members and facilitate the improvement of members’ golf-playing skills. By joining a golf association, you will meet various players who can help you expand your business and social circle as they share their playing techniques.

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