Ball Hockey Edmonton


Even without being a professional hockey player, you can still play your favorite sport. By registering with Ball Hockey Edmonton, you can join the men’s league, women’s league, or minors’ league to play some wholesome community hockey fun. Just remember to abide by the association’s policies to maintain your membership.

Ball Hockey Edmonton is an association that promotes hockey as a community sport. The association organizes hockey games for registered league players to increase the community’s interest in hockey and foster community spirit. Adult men, women, and minors are encouraged to participate in Ball Hockey Edmonton events that are free of any charge. Events are held in three Edmonton Soccer Centres during weeknights and on Sundays.

History of Ball Hockey Edmonton

Initially, Ball Hockey Edmonton was formed for male hockey enthusiasts and organized only 14 teams. But in 1987, Ball Hockey Edmonton opened a minor program for young men and then a Women’s league in 1988. Throughout the years, Ball Hockey Edmonton teams increased in number, reaching up to more than 200 today.

Ball Hockey Edmonton Association

Ball Hockey Edmonton stands out as an association, because even if it is a non-profit league, the elected board of directors are dedicated in doing their jobs. The directors also have above average standards and uphold professional management that enable orderly and wholesome community interaction and recreation. What makes Ball Hockey Edmonton one of the greater sports associations in Canada is the participation of NHL players. Many professional hockey players started an early career in sports by joining the Ball Hockey Edmonton minor league.

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