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Do outdoor sports interest you? Mountaineering enthusiasts in Northern America this kind of sports activity by joining the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC). Offering a long list of mountaineering adventures every year, the Alpine Club of Canada offers great outdoor experience and strong support system.

The Alpine Club of Canada is a Canmore-based mountaineering organization. It was through the efforts of Arthur Oliver Wheeler and Elizabeth Parker that the organization was formed. Wheeler became the organization’s first president and, with his co-founder, promoted community interest in mountaineering. Other than mountaineering and climbing, however, the founders were also involved in solving issues related to the outdoor environment, the sports, and the members.

Joining the Alpine Club of Canada

Anyone who is interested in mountaineering or climbing can join the Alpine Club of Canada. Beginners, most especially, are encouraged to join at least two guided group activities to become more knowledgeable on membership requirements. In becoming a member, participants can enjoy numerous benefits.

Members can get large discounts in various ACC-affiliated shops such as mountaineering gear stores and coffee shops. In addition, members of the ACC will receive free newsletters when they subscribe. Members can also enjoy privilege packages and amenities when they use their membership cards in ACC lodging facilities.

What to expect as member of the Alpine Club of Canada

As a member, you will be invited to many mountain climbing activities throughout the year. The activities are organized by the club, which will require you to pay a fee. The fee covers everything you need to have a wonderful outdoor experience. In addition, you can expect to learn much about mountaineering and ways to improve your climbing skills each time you participate in this activity.

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