Westland Market Mall


Westland Market Mall can be found at 70 McLeod Avenue, Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada. This Market Mall is where many can find a wide array of garden fresh produce by the local farmers of Spruce Grove themselves. You can expect to see a lot of different vegetables, fruits, and other produces one can normally find in a farm. The Westland Market Mall is very accessible; from Yellowhead Highway, simply turn to Calahoo road, then to McLeod Avenue. Keep going on McLeoud Avenue – Westland Market Mall would be hard to miss.

Westland Market Mall Houses the Bredin Institute of Learning. The Bredin Institute of Learning offers employment development services, including employment-preparation, floor-covering, no cost pre-trades dry walling, tile-setting training, personal, corporate development career and more.

Westland market Mall is also near other great establishments: The Spruce Grove public library at 420 King street, the Peter’s Pizza & Steaks at 420 King street, King street Mall also at 420 King street, and another branch of the Spruce Grove Public Library at 35 5th Avenue.

It would be great to visit the Westland Market mall. It is very accessible and there’s a lot of healthy products for you to buy.

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