South Edmonton Common


South Edmonton Common, which is owned by Cameron Development & Grosvener Canada, is located in Edmonton, Alberta at 23 Avenue NW and Gateway Boulevard. It is Canada’s largest retail power center as well as the largest open-air retail development in North America center, covering 320 acres (130 ha) with some 2,300,000 square feet (214,000 m2) of retail space.

The Common is located strategically bordering the city’s 8-lane ring road and is within one of the city’s traffic locations. This feature attracts and brings shoppers conveniently to the site, from all suburban areas of the city. In addition, the rush of shoppers also comes from Edmonton itself, being the highest residential growth and income area.

The Common hosts a wide variety of tenants providing numerous good and services that include restaurants, electronics, grocery stores, clothing and other basic and luxury products sold by its tenants. Home Depot opened in April 1998 and was one of its first tenants. With over 100 stores at present, it creates an impressive retail mix and displays a one-stop shopping and entertainment experience that makes it a conducive and convenient shopping destination.

For your shopping needs, Edmonton South Common has it all!

May 19, 2016 |

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