Meadowlark Shopping Centre


Meadowlark Shopping Centre is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is nearby and in the same road as West Edmonton Mall, west of Edmonton’s downtown district. Currently it hosts an estimate of 60 stores, service providers and restaurants. When you want a place that has a relatively intimate feel, Meadowlark Shopping Centre is a place where just for you.

Parking will not be a problem since the property also offers parking space for free. It opens during weekdays from 10 Am to 9 PM; during the weekends it opens earlier at 9:30 AM but closes earlier as well at 5:30 PM, while during Sundays they can serve you from noon until 5 PM.

The Centre’s anchor tenants, which have been catering to the needs of shoppers ever since, are Zellers, K-Mart, Safeway and Shoppers. There are various other merchants that serve a variety of products and services. The Centre went into a period of decline due to the launching of West Edmonton Mall. It boomed its way up by attracting non-retail tenants that offer medical services. Today, over 80,000 square feet (7,400 square meters) of medical-related services are located in one level. These include medical equipment and facilities such as an on-site collection laboratory and a full service diagnostic imaging clinic with MRI and CT.

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