Heritage Mall (Edmonton)


heritage mall

Heritage Mall was once located at the corner of 111th street and 23rd avenue of Edmonton, Alberta. This two-storey mall has four anchor stores, or major stores. These stores were Eaton’s, Safeway, Sears, and Woolco. Things were good for Heritage Mall when it started; it opened in 1981 and reached its peak of success at around 1994.

From there, it all went downhill when Walmart bought out Woolco and moved soon after because Walmart was not happy with their two-level mall location. It was a chain reaction of events, all of which were against Heritage Mall’s success.

Safeway moved out of the mall with their favor leaning toward their freestanding stores. The final blow was when Sears, the last one among the four anchors, moved to a different location.

Heritage Mall was closed in the year 2001. Soon, it was demolished.

Last 2005, however, there was a new development plan for a residential area with a small retail area (Century Park) where Heritage Mall once stood.

There is another Heritage mall located at Ontario, Canada.

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