Grandin Park Plaza


Grandin Park Plaza, located at No. 22 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, St. Albert, Canada is home to various patrons. You can find most of what you need in the Plaza. The Plaza has an area where you can find several parking spaces and numerous food centers to satisfy your craving after a hectic day of shopping.

One special feature the Plaza includes is a university that invites a set of clients to add up to the variety of customers in the vicinity. The Athabasca University Centre for Innovative Management was established in 1994. The university provides a fully interactive online Executive MBA program, which is now one of Canada’s largest as well as one of the most respected in the world.

In addition, the Plaza hosts various companies that offer medical services such as the Cybernius Medical Ltd. or CML. This company focuses on the development, sale, and deployment support of a comprehensive nephrology-based Electronic Medical Record also known as cyberREN Renal Patient Care Management System. Their services include Nephrology Charting, Hermodialysis Charting, Peritoneal Dialysis Charting, Transplant Workup, among others. An additional healthcare service is the Spasation shop where a client is given the chance to accumulate reward points.

To add up to the variety of services found in the Plaza, there are numerous clothing stores catering to different tastes in clothes. A training facility offered for free by Computer Labs may be booked by public organizations for honing the computer skills of their staff members.

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