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Aside from the right to seek for divorce when marriage fails, the law also provides that those who are transgressed can seek for redress. This is why there are personal injury lawyers in Edmonton. A personal injury lawyer is who you turn to when you want to seek court battle for instances when you experience abuse in terms of physical, emotional, or mental, and you have been hurt, wounded, or worse, amputated–that is, physically or psychologically–in the process. As per the tort law, which seeks for the identification and resolution of personal injury crimes, the cases that a personal injury lawyer can handle are as follows:

* Dignitary torts – crimes that defame or degrade a person, such as: abuse of process, alienation of affections, breach of confidence, defamation, false light, invasion of privacy, and malicious prosecution.

* Nuisance – such as public nuisance; people that distort details, resulting, in turn, to hampered processes or operations, or people disadvantaged by the process.

* Intentional tort – injury that is provoked by a planned crime, such as assault, battery, consent, false imprisonment, necessity, self defense, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

* Duty to visitors – usually the case that wrecks havoc to public gatherings or events, such as attractive nuisance, licensees, trespassers, and invitees.

* Negligence – personal injury that has been caused by neglect and lack of responsibility, such as medical and legal malpractice, calculus of negligence, duty and standard of care, the rescue doctrine, negligent infliction of emotional distress, the duty to rescue, and the principle of proximate cause.

* Strict liability tort – instances when human consumption or engagement in something that has been brought up by another person or entity results in personal injury. Examples are defective products and activities that have the potential of becoming fatal.

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