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Health insurance is a very wise investment to come up with. That is why in Edmonton, more than a hundred thousand health insurance agents abound, offering health insurance policies to the population of Edmonton.

The industry of health insurance in Edmonton is, in itself, a very lucrative industry that generates a lot of job slots every year, thereby helping to rev up the city’s already strong and stable economy. During the late 90’s, it is estimated that the industry rakes in more than 70 billion dollars every year. This profit is generated from investment gains and premiums. Assets amount to more than a couple of a hundred billion dollars, which makes the industry of health insurance rub elbows with the mutual funding industry and the banking institutions in being the top industrial sectors in the whole country.

The health insurance industry does not just make it big in the local shores. Out of the country, the local health insurance industry makes a name for itself, too. Truth be told, the health insurance industry of Canada tops against the similar industries of Europe and the United States in terms of income and the number of active companies.

The health insurance industry staffs in more than a hundred thousand agents per year for the more than a hundred health insurance agencies in the country, not just in Edmonton. About fifty per cent of this number are part-time health insurance agents; the rest render full time work. The only problem that surround the industry of health insurance agents is that there has been a recorded downslide in the number of health insurance agencies in the country, which can possibly lead to an uptrend of people getting laid off. The reason behind the increasing closure of health insurance companies is yet to be known.

The most number of health insurance applicants are retirees. They apply for savings plans, annuities, and income funds. Health insurance agencies and the agents as well are governed by the government in both the provincial and the federal levels.

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