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Edmonton natives just love this service! It is called Britesmile, which is actually a spa that seeks to have clients undergo Britesmile treatment that will give them whiter, cleaner teeth in just an hour. Britesmile is also known for their innovation for invisible braces, veneers, and other orthodontic devices. Of course, Britesmile also offers a product line that will serve as your follow up treatment for when you go back home with your “britesmile.”

Britesmile is based in the United States, but there are also branches in Canada, like the ones in Edmonton. As of the moment, there were already more than 20 Britesmile branches in Edmonton. Each Britesmile spa branch is dedicated and focused on cosmetic dentistry, which aims not just on caring for their clients’ teeth but on ensuring that these treatments and rectifying efforts suit the client as well.

How effective is Britesmile? Aside from the fact that it makes your teeth pearly whiter in just the span of an hour, it is also said that Britesmile treatment increases your teeth’s whiteness to up to eight shades for every hour of treatment. Britesmile authorities also ensured that when you undergo Britesmile spa treatment, you won’t get the side effects that you can get with other teeth whitening products and treatments.

Britesmile also offers correction procedures for your teeth via Brite Veneers and Invisalign. These are highly innovative, generally painful, and relatively fast ways to correct misaligned, damaged, discolored, separate, or chipped teeth. These procedures make use of high tech three dimensional mapping and imaging to really see through your teeth and determine which exactly needs filling and repair. Treatment for Brite Veneers takes effect usually at less than a month. With Invisalign, it’s less than a year.

Only licensed, qualified dentists administers your Britesmile veneers and Invisalign procedures. Before you undergo any of the teeth whitening treatments of Britesmile, you will be evaluated by a dentist to make sure that you don’t have any risk factors when you undergo the procedures.

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