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Many tourists who go to Edmonton marvel at the beautiful infrastructure that distinguishes the city, be it in the business district or in the residential areas. These aesthetically pleasing structures have been made possible thanks to the efforts of Edmonton architects.

Edmonton architects are just like all the architects in the country as well as in the rest of the world: they are involved with the design and the way buildings should be made. Edmonton architects are usually accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board or the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Though not all Edmonton architects are members of these organizations, it is still a huge advantage if you are an architect in Edmonton and you manage to squeeze in a slot in these professional groups, just because it will give the impression that you are one credible architect in the city.

If you are an architect and you want to get registered as one in Edmonton, there are requirements that you have to be able to fulfill. These are as follows:

* Have a degree, preferably master’s, in architecture * Have at least 233.33 days of work-related experience, or have taken up the Intern Architect Program * Have passed the Architect Registration Exam and/or the exam for architects in Canada * Possess a license for practice * Attend continuing studies as required

Now, let’s talk about the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. This is an organization that represents one of the biggest number of qualified architects in the country, including those in Edmonton. The purpose of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is not necessarily to regulate the industry, but to make sure that their member architects act to make their industry a respectable field as well as that their profession is highly regarded and promoted.

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada also helps in the further development of its members. It helps its member architects progress in their profession through helping them develop an extensive network of business contacts as well as activities that will enhance their mastery of the trade.

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