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We are currently experiencing a credit crunch caused by the weakening economy of the world’s most powerful country, the United States. Businesses can be affected, especially the ones that venture in the export sector. In times like these, one can expect an influx of company representatives turning to actuaries for help.

Actuaries are people who issue company insurances and who act as consultants when companies are having money-related problems. Actuaries provide companies the assurance that they will not go bankrupt because they will be provided with the tips and packages on how to go about during tough times.

In Edmonton, as well as in the rest of Canada, actuaries are given high regard. This is because actuaries are one of the so called “secret weapons” of Edmonton to an economy that maintains its strength sans turbulence on the Wall Street. Certified actuaries in Edmonton are members of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. The Canadian Institute of Actuaries puts in the responsibilities of an actuary in Edmonton as follows:

* support for government projects * assistance for life, casualty, and property insurance firms * keeping social programs financially stable * people having problems with their credit * retirement pension

Most of the actuaries in Edmonton as well as in the rest of the country work for consulting firms, life insurance, and pensions. A good number of Edmonton actuaries also work in property and casualty insurance. The remaining portion of actuaries, on the other hand, work for financial institutions, the government, educational institutions, and in securing actuarial evidence.

Edmonton actuaries who are affiliated with the Casualty Actuary Society as well as with the Society of Actuaries are also recognized by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries as legitimate and certified actuaries. The only thing that is required of members of these organizations is that they should have a Canadian specialization. For members of these organizations who want to practice their profession in Canada, their Canadian specialization can be achieved when they take the Practice Education Course from the Canadian Institute of Actuaries or by taking the actuaries’ exam 7C instead of exam 7US. That’s because exam 7C is the exam that’s specifically made for Canadian actuaries.

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