Houses for rent in Edmonton, Alberta


Edmonton is an ideal place to start a family or a career in. It’s also a good place to settle down in as Edmonton boasts of a healthy environment. However, for those thinking of settling in partially, say for a vacation or for a couple of years, houses and apartments are available for rent or for lease.

You can use the services of a good real estate broker if you are interested in leasing property for only a period of time. Here are a few pointers on how to go about renting a house in Edmonton, Alberta:

1. Consider your purpose.

If you are visiting friends or family for say, six months, and staying a hotel would definitely deplete your savings, finding a house for rent is the best solution. Find one that is situated near your relative or friend’s home so it would be easier for you to go there. For foreign students, find a house for rent in neighborhoods situated near the school or university. Also choose a house that would be convenient to commute to and from your working place.

2. Check the facilities.

Renters have a choice between houses that are furnished or unfurnished. Furnished houses for rent are convenient for people who don’t have much of their own stuff. Basic furnishings that can be offered such as couches, bed frames, and a few basic electrical appliances. However, the more furnishings that are provided in a house for rent, the more these could add to the monthly rental fee. Inspect electrical wirings and water pipes as well.

3. Choose a neighborhood that you like.

If you are looking for a new home for your family, choose a house for rent that is situated in a kid-friendly neighborhood. A house located near a school could also be beneficial for you and your children. For single individuals, rent a house that is in a secure neighborhood and near commute lines such as bus stops or LRT stations.

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