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City living is made classier with the presence of lofts for sale or for lease in Edmonton. However, it’s not only the chicness or coolness of living in lofts that make it an attractive option, but also the convenience of living within just a few steps of everything. Students, yuppies, executives, and the erstwhile singleton find their solace in these lofts perching above the city skyline or hovering a few feet from the bustling street life.

Choosing lofts in Edmonton


A loft is a unit that has an open floor plan and virtually has just four walls to it. Lofts in the ’70s and ’80s were the niche of starving artist-types, home spaces made from warehouse or office spaces and featuring bare brickwork walls and ceilings. Eventually, design caught up with economy as a loft’s open space attracted different variations on how to make it visually palatable. Lofts in Edmonton offer more flexibility when it comes to design, owing also to the large floor to ceiling windows that allow in enough light and fantastic views of the cityscape.


Living in a loft may be the most affordable solution to the need for space. However, living in a loft in the heart of Edmonton gives you the convenience of just stepping into nearby restaurants, parks, shops, and even schools and workplaces. Some lofts are even located conveniently near LRT stations or bus or commute lines, thus minimizing the effort and cost for driving your own car through traffic.


The cost of renting or purchasing a loft usually depends on how much the developers have put into its construction or remodeling if it is housed in an older industrial-type building. Some lofts may also have furnishing and design that could add up to the total bill. Edmonton lofts may cost more than what one may expect but, think of the cost you can save by not having to pay for gas for your car and for parking space.

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