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Finding apartments in Edmonton is a cinch as long as you get the assistance of a reliable real estate broker. Whether you’re a single looking out to start an independent life or a newlywed couple enjoying each other’s close company in your first year of marriage, an apartment in Edmonton city can be a great place to move into.

Your real estate agent can help you find your ideal apartment, and you can help narrow down your search by giving a list of your preferences. However, here are a few more items that you need to find out before signing a lease or a contract of sale.

Building rules

If you’re looking to rent an apartment in a building or high rise condominium, consider the environment. Check the safety of stairwells, elevators, and fire exits. Also check the building’s codes if they allow homeowners to bring in pets. If you’re the type to have company often or throw parties once in a while, check if your building has any restrictions for visitors.

The neighborhood

If you prefer a quiet environment, having an apartment in the university district may not be the best idea. Check if your building also has families with young children who may tend to be a bit rowdy especially if they live on the floor near your unit. It would also be wise to see if there are hospitals and other emergecny facilities close to your area.


Of course, probably the most important aspect to consider especially for those with budget constraints is the cost. Sometimes it’s not just the rent per month that you have to consider, but also the cost of living in the area. Compute the possible gas fare or the cost to commute to work. Ask your real estate lawyer or a real estate broker to check other fees that can be charged to you such as association fees or garage rental fees.


Look over the facilities of the apartment or building. Check if the electrical wires are in good condition, and check the water pipes for leaks. Also see if the whole building has any facilities or services for the general cleanliness of the whole complex.

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