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Book lovers in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada flock to the Edmonton Public Library. With over one million books on its shelves, which includes fiction and non-fiction hardbound books, as well as a lot other paperback editions, the Edmonton Public Library can well be regarded as one of the biggest books resource in this part of the country, having 16 branches and a website that allows it to reach out to more than 700,000 people.

The Edmonton Public Library traces its roots to as far back as the year 1913, which makes it only a few years short of 100 years. The first ever branch of the library is the one at Strathcona. Aside from being a place for surfing for and reading good books, the Edmonton Public Library is also home to many activities that promote freedom to read advocacies (exemplified in the “Banned Books Cafe” project), culture (such as exhibitions of the works of the state’s most famous literary personalities), seminars (leadership and continuing education, among others), and social events (banquets).

To further enhance the delivery of services, the Edmonton Public Library makes sure it keeps its connections with a number of institutions nurtured and renewed. Some of the institutions that the Edmonton Public Library maintains close bonds with are the University of Alberta, the Greater Edmonton Library Association, and some financial institutions.

Most Edmonton Public Library branches are open during office hours, from 10 in the morning to 9 in the evening. Most are closed on Sundays. On the other hand, all branches are closed during statutory holidays such as Christmas day, New Year’s eve, and Thanksgiving day. But you can return the books you borrowed any time in the return bins especially provided for this purpose.

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