Edmonton Police Service


The main goal of the Edmonton Police Service is to serve as the defenders of the people of Edmonton, one of the most progressive cities in Alberta, Canada. This goal is achieved and continuously being achieved by means of introducing comprehensive and innovative training, education, and techniques to the police staff as well as officers.

The Edmonton Police Service maintains high regard to the principles of accountability, public service, innovation, integrity, and respect. They also constantly seek the participation and cooperation of the residents of Edmonton to be able to solve cases of crime and maintain peace and order in the city. As of the moment, the Edmonton Police Service largely focuses on the eight biggest and most common crimes, also known as the crime indicator categories, as follows:

* Assault

* Auto theft

* Theft from auto

* Break and enter

* Homicide

* Robbery

* Theft of over $5,000

* Sexual assault

In their effort to resolve and put a halt to all off these crime indicator categories, the Edmonton Police Service has adopted a strategy of planning and analysis that promises a more efficient, more effective means of foreseeing crime, assessing cases, and responding to crime incidences. This strategy employs the four pillars of policing, namely: crime prevention, law enforcement, maintenance of social order, and making sure that public safety is promoted. To this end, the Edmonton Police Service willingly accepts volunteer applications from Edmonton civilians, an endeavour that basically keeps the public and the local police closely linked.

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